Standing up for the most vulnerable among us

When parents are unable or unwilling to perform their duties towards their children, family members or others can make a claim for guardianship so that they can raise the children in the safe, loving environment they deserve. That's why clients have trusted Petersen Moss Hall & Olsen since 1950 for their cases involving the guardianship of minors. We provide every client with personalized service in order to serve their best interests and those of the children involved.


We also handle cases involving terminating guardianship arrangements when they are no longer necessary or appropriate.

Adult guardianship cases

If a person can no longer care for themselves or their property because of developmental disabilities, accidents, or age, we can assist in planning for their care and assistance through adult guardianship. We can help appoint a loved one as guardian and conservator to advocate and care for them.

Assisting you throughout the adoption process

The adoption process has many legal hurdles that need to be navigated, and we specialize in helping individuals and families every step of the way. Whether you're dealing with a private or agency-assisted adoption, closed or open adoption, an in-state adoption or an adoption from another state or country, we can guide you to the outcome that is best for you and your family.

Rugged Peak Adult Guardianship